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Seventeen-year-old Danica Justice doesn’t want to be a police officer like the others in the Justice family clan. Instead, she wants to study aeronautical engineering, join the Air Force, find a soft woman to settle down with, and become an astronaut. Fate doesn’t care. When an ancient plague wipes out ninety percent of the world’s population, Danica is forced to accept her father’s legacy to keep herself and those around her safe from kidnappers, murderers, rapists, slavers, militia groups, and assholes. After she is forced to flee her Charlotte-area home, Danica partners with Franklin Turnipseed, a convicted killer, escaped prisoner and recovering alcoholic. Together, they attempt to navigate through a broken civilization, as they make their way to Cheyenne Mountain, where they hope to be reunited with loved ones and the last remnants of the American Government.


The plan had been simple; win the cosplay contest, train for a part in a Viking movie, figure out how to overcome her introverted nature and discover the courage to leave a toothbrush at her girlfriend’s apartment. Those plans are derailed when Montana Midnight’s lunatic father escapes from prison, murders her girlfriend (kind of) and runs her off the Catawba River Bridge. That was Monday. On Tuesday, she wakes up on Calwyn, a world where she is considered a blue-haired Abomination, demons have been banished and Mage Lords rule humanity with a magical fist. The new plan is also simple in planning, but not so simple in execution; stay alive, gather an army, free humanity from generations of brutal slavery and bring back the demons before the Mage Lords drop a mountain on top of her.

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I had to swallow my heart a few times but the author kept me glued to the pages..!!

Amazon Review

Mostly, he needs to write the next book in the series. I am waiting -- impatiently -- to read it! Strongly recommended!

Amazon Review

The author did a great job of showing what could happen in an apocalyptic situation where the world's population was catastrophically reduced but the world's infrastructure was not.

Amazon Review

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